Why you need an MES and Planner!

Written on 02/02/2023

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If you are a production company then the control of manufacturing costs is an essential factor for your competitiveness and you are certainly already managing it thanks to your experience; with the aid of spreadsheets and paper documents,
you finalize the times and are able to calculate the cost of each order, but you realize, already in the estimate phase, that you don't have all the elements under control to enhance a job and even at the end of the same you have the feeling of not taking into account all the time actually spent. So perhaps you thought, after losing an order, that your estimate was based, yes on your experience, but that, with more precise elements, you could have elaborated a better offer and thus be competitive.
Furthermore, you have no information to establish where to improve your efficiency and you have the feeling that cycle times are not respected and that the machines stop often,
but you do not have certain and reliable data that confirm this feeling and therefore you don't really know where to direct the your efforts to improve productivity.
You don't have a work plan with the start and end dates of each order or process so you struggle to establish precise deliveries and therefore it is the customer with his "motivations"
who establishes the priorities of your activities and you often have to physically go to check the progress of the various orders in production to have elements to be able to respond to customers and have a minimum of "visibility" on the future.
Your machines consume energy, but you have no idea how much this cost affects each order or piece produced.
You would like to trace all the phases and individual sub-lots with labels and you would like to know during the production of an order
how many pieces are ready and be able to anticipate them to the customer, but you don't know and you have to waste time to find out.
You are required to carry out checks on the quality of your production and perhaps you already do so, producing sheets of paper that no one then has the time to report in a system that can be consulted and documented by the customer.
You have purchased a 4.0 machine and for the reasons we know you have adopted a software, but you see that this is not applicable in a general way because there are machines from different manufacturers and most of them are not 4.0.

If you've come this far to read, I thank you for the time you've dedicated to me and perhaps now it's clearer to you why you need an MES!

My thought is that, also thanks to the push of 4.0, a process of digitization of factories at the production level is now starting, just as the administrative part of almost all companies has been computerized since the 1980s and this will determine an element extraordinary competitiveness The MES that we offer will allow you to be competitive and to face the market and to understand how and how much a single piece / order / customer impacts positively or negatively on the final balance sheet result; how the composition of these costs can be analyzed to target future commercial and organizational strategies.